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Garnish Fender Front LH Remove and Replace - missing thread

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  • Garnish Fender Front LH Remove and Replace - missing thread

    TIA. Is there a way to find old threads as this reddit post:

    pointed to this thread which can not be found:
    http:// www. fixyourtesla. com/x/Garnish-Fender-Front-LH-Remove-and-Replace.html

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    I found a Wayback Machine (aka web archive) of it. All but the large pictures. HTH someone else.

    Also this can be done via Mobile for around ~90.
    # Part Name Part Number Sales Restriction Repair
    2 ASSY, FENDER GARNISH FR, LEFT_ HAND MDL X 1035288-00-N Over-the-Counter(No VIN)
    2 ASSY, FENDER GARNISH FR, RIGHT HAND MDL X 1035289-00-N Over-the-Counter(No VIN)
    The part is either 1035288-00-N (R side of car if you're in driver seat, L if looking at car from the front) or 1035289-00-N (L side if you are in the driver seat, R side if you are looking at front of car). Check to make sure on the Tesla website before you buy. This is for Tesla 2015-2019 versions​

    Concern: Customer states replace right front fender arch molding.
    Correction: Garnish - Fender - Front - RH (Remove & Replace)
    Part Quantity
    ASSY, FENDER 1.00 GARNISH FR, RH MDL X(1035289-00-L)
    Total Parts Amount 55.00 Total Labor Amount 32.25
    Unit Price 55.00
    Parts Subtotal 55.00
    Pay Type: Customer Pay 87.25​ (not including tax if applicable)